Import Referral CSV file into RECON

You can upload your referral CSV file below,
or download a sample sheet as a guide on
the format of the file. 4

CSV Format Required

This is a list of the properties that should be included in the CSV File.
Column Description Details

 PropertyAddress Address of Property
 City City of Property
 State State of Property
 Zip Zip of Property
 Referrer Referrer name
 ReferralRecipient The Referee
 ReferralCompany The Referee's Company  optional
 ReferralEmail The Referee's Email 
 ClientFirstName First Name of Client
 ClientLastName Last Name of Client
 ClientCompanyName Client Company name optional
 ClientType Type of Property  'Buyer' or 'Seller'
 OfferStatus Status of Transaction 'Open' or 'Closed'
 ReferralDate Date of Referral
 Investor Buyer an Investor 'Yes' or 'No' optional

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